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About The Label

Partnering with music artists to facilitate creativity, self-expression and a means by which to share the joy of music with people everywhere.

The journey to the founding of Olivet Nation Entertainment began more than two decades ago as a hobby and a love for music but, more specifically Rap and Hip-Hop. The Label’s official establishment in 2019 is a culmination of that passion. We intend to bring you new, exciting and engaging music as it pertains to hope, love, and tragedy with all its accompanying drama.
Olivet Nation Entertainment is an artist-focused independent music label that is aware of the ever-changing evolution of the music industry in this technological era of digital revolution providing both, artists and music fans alike diverse and convenient ways to purchase, listen, share and socialize around music.
As an established independent music label based in New Jersey, we are committed to keep up with the changes in the industry and leverage it to better develop, market and promote our artists while connecting them to their fans and vice versa.

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