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Jacc Zalez

Rapper & Entrepreneur

Originally from Bronx, NY with history in Paterson, NJ and currently hailing out of Bergen County NJ, Jacc Zalez has made a long-awaited return to the US Hip-Hop scene after a short hiatus. Recognized by some as Tempo from the mid 90’s to mid-2000’s while by others better known as Eliyah Karmel from 2009 until 2018. As a key member of the Paterson based underground supergroup ‘The Individualz’ of the late 90’s he contributed to over a dozen mixtapes between his contributions as a group member and as a solo artist, that’s not including his varied street level DJ mixtape collaborations. This award-winning live rap performer has a considerable amount of flow experience under his belt that shows in his style, content and delivery which is indisputable evidence of his artistic prowess.

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