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JACC ZALEZ: BIO & New Single Release "Night Owl", August 18, 2023


Jacc Zalez, born James Gonzalez, is a first-generation US-born Latino whose rich tapestry of experiences shaped him into a captivating individual. Growing up in Washington, D.C., he spent his early years in the Dominican Republic, immersing himself in his ancestral roots and learning Spanish as his first language. Intermittent moves between The Bronx, NY and the Dominican Republic became necessary to escape his abusive stepfather who harbored aspirations to be a professional boxer, but Jacc's resilience grew as a result.

Despite the challenges he faced, Jacc found a home in Paterson, New Jersey as a teenager, where he fused his diverse cultural influences into a vibrant and unique identity. Regularly visiting his extended family in the DMV area allowed him to absorb the essence of the local DC/Maryland ethos, amplifying his artistic expression. This journey, infused with the colors, sounds, and flavors of his heritage and the places he called home, became the catalyst for his creative pursuits, transforming him into a true global citizen with a profound appreciation for cultural diversity.


"Throughout his journey, he never allowed his passion for music to fade away."


Desiring to escape the cycle of poverty that marked his childhood in America, Jacc was determined to ensure a better future for himself. He pursued higher education, enrolling in college to study Architectural Design. This decision not only broadened his horizons but also sparked his interest in various other professional domains, including computer science. He delved into programming languages, big data analytics, data management, and computational design, among other subjects. Today, Jacc holds a prestigious position at a world-renowned Architectural & Engineering design firm, where he specializes in Building Information Modeling, Design and Management. His ability extends to areas such as Water/Wastewater, Civil and Environmental disciplines, serving both private Fortune 500 companies and the public sector.

Despite the many accolades and achievements, he has earned in his professional career, Jacc has always remained true to his first love: music. Throughout his journey, he never allowed his passion for music to fade away.

How did I get into music

Jacc's passion for music runs deep, spanning multiple generations. He fondly recalls the vibrant musical atmosphere that permeated his childhood home in the Dominican Republic, where music seemed to play constantly. Furthermore, his family's connections, helped by his grandfather's position in government, attracted renowned music artists who would occasionally visit and partake in joyous festivities with Jacc's family. One unforgettable memory from his early years was at the age of seven when he had the opportunity to meet and converse with none other than El Maestro himself, Julio Iglesias.

Meanwhile, Jacc's mother, a devoted music enthusiast, consistently indulged in the rich sounds of Spanish and Latino artists during their time living in The Bronx. In an era when Latin music was not readily available in stores, she would get multiple cassettes each week from street vendors who imported music from overseas. On the other hand, Jacc's father had a diverse and eclectic taste in music. He belonged to a music club that granted him access to a wide range of CDs, encompassing genres as varied as Classical, Rap, R&B, and everything in between.

It was these collective experiences that ignited and nourished Jacc's fervor for music. The captivating melodies that his parents collected became the foundation for his own journey into music production. Jacc would often sample from their extensive collections, infusing his compositions with his distinct and innovative style.

What inspires me

With a lifetime dedicated to writing and performing, I have discovered countless sources of inspiration that have evolved with each phase of my journey. However, amidst this ever-changing landscape, I have found one consistent attitude that fosters true inspiration: always be prepared for it. Often, inspiration finds us rather than the other way around. It is essential to remain open and ready to capture ideas in various forms, whether through writing, typing, or voice recording on a device, because like the elusive nature of the wind, the muse is constantly in motion.

Currently, I find myself in an epoch where I draw inspiration from personal experiences and introspection, delving into the depths of the human condition within the framework of love, loss, our contemporary social construct, and spiritual exploration. Approaching the 30-year mark since I first converted my writings into rap and recorded my inaugural vocals, I believe I have arrived at a juncture where my unique level of experience allows me to tackle these profound subjects with skill and understanding, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of listeners.

While there is an abundance of music available, the music I create serves a purpose that I consider indispensable in these tumultuous times – it contributes to expanding the dialogue. Through my art, I aim to transcend the boundaries and create a space for meaningful conversations.

What does this song stand for

This forthcoming song encapsulates the themes of initiative and perseverance, highlighting the challenges that arise at the beginning of any endeavor. However, through hard work and unwavering dedication, the journey becomes more manageable and rewarding. It emphasizes that talent alone is not enough, as talent merely stands for untapped potential. To truly succeed, one must actively harness that potential and invest energy into honing one's skills, unlocking opportunities. Independence appears as a crucial aspect, emphasizing the importance of not relying solely on others or even governmental support to find fulfillment in life. While collaboration and support are valuable, it is essential to recognize one's own boundaries and embrace self-awareness. By understanding your own limitations and taking the time to truly know yourself, you become impervious to manipulation and external pressures that might push you towards actions that contradict your true nature. This self-awareness grants you freedom and autonomy in navigating your path.

Future Goals

I am diligently constructing everything from the ground up, establishing a label, publishing, and overseeing my own productions. Much of the work is handled in-house. I adopted this approach to create a strong operational foundation and to carve out our unique mission and purpose within the music industry, distinct from what already exists.

While this is the current situation, plans are dynamic and subject to change. My goal is to attract other talented individuals who can contribute to the growth and expansion of what I have started. This undertaking is a long-term commitment for me, and therefore, I am methodically progressing at a deliberate pace, building step by step wherever and whenever I can. It is crucial that all the necessary components are in place when others join forces with me in this collective mission.

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